Why We are Excited about IT Projects & Technology

Danny Larsen
1 min read
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When it comes to answering what we do and why there are three questions we often get asked.

  1. Why are you so excited about estimating and executing projects?
  2. How complicated can it really be?
  3. Is it even possible to do this?

The simple answers are:

  1. We enjoy the field because it's very hard to both estimation and execution properly. That alone is a challenge worth taking. Also, we get really excited when our platform helps companies succeed with their projects and save money because they now have more control.
  2. The math behind can be very complex with many variables. Our platform shields the end user from many of these complexities so it's as simple as possible to use and take advantage of. It's our philosophy that anybody should be able to estimate, almost...
  3. Yes, most definitely. Some of the companies that we've worked with that have embraced a proper process around this have consistently been within 10-15% of actuals.

Estimating the effort involved in a project can seem like a dark art, black magic or even just a dry subject to work with, but we believe that it contains a complexity that can be harnessed and that makes us super excited!

Basically it all boils down to whether the company is willing to ensure a structured process, which includes continuous gathering of data, and let go of the gunslinging attitude where it's completely acceptable that estimates are just a throw of the dice and multiplying it with Π.

There's a better way, why not embrace it? We can show you how...

See our technology page for more information.

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