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Welcome to our New Blog!

Dennis Kayser
1 min read

On this blog you can find articles, information, and links related to IT project estimation best practices, project management knowledge, development methods, analytics and insights, misc. ramblings, and of course information on new features in the Forecast platform.

Forecast — The estimation & development platform

Forecast helps you estimate projects for effort and pricing. It's also the easiest solution to execute projects efficiently. All current estimation methods are supported and you can even run your projects using Scrum or Waterfall, so you can keep track of it all in one place.

After all 33% of IT projects overspend. Don't let that happen in your company.

Keep track of project costs and progress

Forecast enables you to create a simple plan for a new project's pricing, development and launch.  

What is the total scope and when can we complete? What insights and knowledge can we re-use from earlier projects? What is our organizational and team velocity? How can we set targets and measure whether we reach them? How to do this in a lightweight and intuitive fashion?

All of these questions are easily answered with Forecast. It can help your organization to use and develop a simple and automated method for measuring software size. You can maintain control of your project costs and progress. This is independently of underlying language and technology. The easiest solution to follow the development and management phases for capturing business value.

The Forecast solution enables complete embracement of all your company’s projects. It is highly configurable, and supports all major development methods (Scrum, Waterfall, etc.) as well as project control processes (PRINCE2 , PMI/PMBOK, etc.).

Forecast helps your company enable:

  • more accurate target setting and productivity measurement
  • eradication of disparate estimation documents and files
  • less manual and error-prone work
  • automatic collection of analytics and insights

Many products can capture data, Forecast provides you with factual insights.

Do you want to see a demo of what we have to offer; then book a personal 30 min. slot with our success team.

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