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Twice as Efficient with a Complete Tool [Case Story]

Finding a brilliant combination of managing projects with scheduling

Adeo Group searched for nearly a year to find the right project management tool to fit their work process. As they were exploring the options, Gordon, Director of Adeo Group, found that either SaaS companies were only offering project management or resource management, but the combination of the two was hard to come by. Their need for a project and resource management software stemmed from their need for a comprehensive overview. “We were experiencing a bottleneck because we didn’t know how many resources we had available for our projects,” says Gordon.


“We’ve cut down on a lot of different software that we used, so now we only use Forecast. It is much easier for our work process, especially when you’re bringing on new staff members. It’s just one piece of software team members have to onboard.”  -Gordon, Director


Adeo’s Project Management team and the developers meet together with the customers to scope out the project. Gordon explains, “When we bring on new jobs the work gets scoped out in Forecast. We use template projects that we’ve created for different types of projects and we work off of them as a base template, which saves us a lot of time.” Forecast is used for the strategy of the projects and to distribute out all of the project’s files, documents, and information. Everything related to the project is stored within Forecast and everything is in one place.

Read the Full Case Story here: Adeo Group Case Story

About Adeo Group: Adeo Group are a leading UK web design and development agency. They deliver fit for purpose web platforms that are both search engine friendly and create a modern and professional online image. Adeo Group are proud to have a proven track record in managing highly successful digital projects and increasing their clients’ sales online. They do this through building conversion-driven eCommerce and cutting-edge digital work that helps small businesses target their customer groups.

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