Get Forecast Updates in Your Slack Channels

Are you using Slack for your internal communication? Why not connect it directly with your project management solution too? With the Forecast and Slack integration, you can do exactly that.

How to Focus When You’re Overwhelmed by Marketing Options

There’s a lot of noise today on the web. Any scroll through a social media platform will be enough for you to see that there’s a lot of companies trying to capture your attention online. With so many businesses thinking of new ways to reach their audience, how can you make sure your marketing stands out?

AI-Powered Resource and Project Management - Why It's Important

What if you could cut off all the time you spend on mundane tasks at work? What if you didn't have to worry about schedules and keeping your projects on-track? What if you had all the time in the world to be creative and move bricks? Sounds great, right?

Forecast Ranked Top Most User-Friendly Software by Gartner

Woohoo! 🎉 We're very excited to announce that Forecast has been awarded the Top 20 Most User-Friendly Project Management Software by Capterra, a Gartner company. More specifically, we came in as #8 of the 700 tools listed on Capterra with an accumulated score of 85/100.

Benefits of using AI-Powered Project Management Software

Did you know that 45% of projects experience cost overruns? McKinsey did the research, and found that a whooping 66% of software projects go over budget, and a similar scary percentage of non-software projects, namely 43%. They also found that 7% of all projects experience a schedule overrun too. Less scary, but still a major risk for your deliverables, and not least your overall business performance.

Jira Companion for Resource- and Project Managers

Are you using Jira in your Software Development team? It's probably not your decision, but rather a requirement from your developers. Jira is a great tool, but it's mainly made for developers- less for the rest of your company. You're probably also using other tools alongside your Jira instance. Tools for project management, budgets, resources, your design team, but probably neither of those tools are properly connected to function in an intuitive manner.

4 Steps to Avoid Scope Creep

Scope creep can easily sneak up on you if you don't pay close attention to your project. It often begins with minor changes or feedback from your client, and then suddenly it turns into several days or weeks of extra work. Mind you, the original scope of the project did not include that additional work. Especially if you work with fixed price projects, and you did not agree to bill your client for those extra hours, it's quite frankly going to affect your bottom line; not to mention the profitability of the project. How frustrating! To avoid those long drawn out projects, you need an adequately defined Statement of Work (SOW).

3 Ways to Improve Your Project Billing with Harvest and Forecast

Billing your clients should be quick and easy. Don't you agree? Invoicing doesn't really bring any further value to your project, and thus the time spent doing it should be kept to a minimum. Connecting your invoicing tool to your project management solution can do wonders. Syncing your time registrations can save you time and money wasted on duplicate work.

Manage Your Software Project with GitHub and Forecast

Managing a software project is a lot of work. Doing the scoping, planning sprints, completing tasks, testing & deploying, and not to forget maintaining and bug fixing. How do you manage this whole flow in a manageable way?

When Trello is not enough - Forecast

Where do you go when Trello is not enough? When the simplicity of Trello Boards is outgrowing you. When you need more control and insight into your projects, teams, and business performance. We believe the answer is Forecast.

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