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Task Allocations in New Scheduling with Use Case Examples

You're evolving, and we are too! Together with the launch of the New Scheduling, we're also announcing Task Allocations, ensuring you a complete pipeline. Know what you and your team are working on by seeing a clear overview in Scheduling.

Introducing a new and improved visual perspective on your Schedule

Transparency has never been this clear with all of your resources and projects connected. This improved new scheduling gives you an advanced, all-encompassing overview of the health of your organization.

Using Forecast as an Editorial Calendar

Are you running a Marketing Team with a hefty Editorial Calendar for executing your Content Marketing? Maybe you're coming from a regular calendar or a Trello board, and your team has grown in terms of size and tasks. If this is the case, then you're probably looking for a more organized way to plan out your marketing activities.

Smart Template for Your Statement of Work

Building your Statement of Work is the foundation for the rest of your project. It's also the sales proposal, or at least it should be, since it will take each milestone and requirement into account when estimating the number of hours and a price.

9 Steps to Plan Your Way Out of Scope Creep

Scope creep, one of the real challenges when managing a project. Often it hits you with a sneak attack, and before you know if it, your project is off-track and off-budget. In some cases, scope creep of one project threatens to throw your other projects off as well by reserving your precious resources. There are ways to avoid scope creep altogether, but you need to start right from the beginning.

Utilizing the Statement of Work During Your Project

Creating a well-defined Statement of Work in collaboration with your client is of utmost importance. It's not only the formal agreement between both parties; it's the roadmap, timeline, scope, and budget. It's essentially everything related to the project, i.e., the starting point of the foundation. Thus, it should be no surprise that a well-defined Statement of Work is crucial to run a great project. Delivering a product that your client will be satisfied with, and a project that is profitable and satisfactory for your business.

The Old vs. the Smart Way of Making Statement of Work

When initiating a project - the Statement of Work (SOW) is the foundation. Essentially, it defines what work is going to be completed and handed over from you to your client. It's a sales proposal, it's a formal agreement, and it's a roadmap. The SOW should ensure that important details are not left unseen and that what is planned is what is built and delivered. Basically, it aligns you, your team, the project, your client, with the final product.

10 Steps to Make a Complete Statement of Work

Statement of Work (SOW) is probably the most important document throughout the lifetime of a project. SOW defines so much of the project, including the mission, the scope, basic requirements, a thorough outline of tasks to be completed, start and end dates, critical resources needed, milestones and timeline, terms, and most importantly, a signature from both parties. 

What is a Statement of Work?

Statement of Work (SOW) is the most foundational part of a project. It's the result of the planning process happening in conjunction with your stakeholders, incl. your team and the client. It's the formal agreement on initiation of the project. It's the sales proposal for your client, and it's all of the main tasks and milestones necessary to build the end product. The SOW is essentially paving the way for you and your team to plan and work on the rest of the project.

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