Introducing Expense Reporting: The Easy Way to Manage Your Expense Items

Today, we're announcing the brand new, Expense Reporting. Manage all of your expense items in one easy and integrated flow. From submitting a new expense item, attaching a receipt, adding the markup, to having it approved by a Controller, and then reported. All within the same easy flow.

Jira Companion for Resource- and Project Managers

Are you using Jira in your Software Development team? It's probably not your decision, but rather a requirement from your developers. Jira is a great tool, but it's mainly made for developers- less for the rest of your company. You're probably also using other tools alongside your Jira instance. Tools for project management, budgets, resources, your design team, but probably neither of those tools are properly connected to function in an intuitive manner.

3 Ways to Improve Your Project Billing with Harvest and Forecast

Billing your clients should be quick and easy. Don't you agree? Invoicing doesn't really bring any further value to your project, and thus the time spent doing it should be kept to a minimum. Connecting your invoicing tool to your project management solution can do wonders. Syncing your time registrations can save you time and money wasted on duplicate work.

Manage Your Software Project with GitHub and Forecast

Managing a software project is a lot of work. Doing the scoping, planning sprints, completing tasks, testing & deploying, and not to forget maintaining and bug fixing. How do you manage this whole flow in a manageable way?

When Trello is not enough - Forecast

Where do you go when Trello is not enough? When the simplicity of Trello Boards is outgrowing you. When you need more control and insight into your projects, teams, and business performance. We believe the answer is Forecast.

Update to Teams & Clients

Today, we're launching an improvement to Teams and Clients. We've made it more clear that Teams and Clients are separate by also keeping the tabs separate in your Projects and in Admin Settings. Client Users now belong to Clients - not Team members as before. Also, now you're able to add notes to a client on the Client Profile shown in Admin Settings and on each project the Client is linked to.

At the same time, we made it possible to create Teams within your organization, i.e., group team members together into smaller teams. Those teams can easily be assigned to a project in one-go, and are also a great way to generate reports based on a specific team, or filter your view in Scheduling.

How-To Achieve an Improved Business Performance with Forecast AI

Project & Resource Management is foundational to running great projects. You need somebody to establish common ground and lead the team in the right direction. You need somebody to plan and schedule resources, and assign those resources to the right projects and tasks. Having your projects and resources aligned is exactly why having a proper project management and resource management practice in place is paramount to business performance, profitability, and a thriving work environment.

These are both fields with long histories, lists of methodologies, and opinions on how to run a team best possible. No matter your preference of Agile or Waterfall, and subcategories of each, we thought Project Managers could need a little extra help. That's why we built Forecast.

Forecast is an AI-powered Project & Resource Management platform built to make life easier for team members across an organization, thereby increasing business performance, and eventually directly influencing your bottom line. It's a collaborative environment with unique features assisted by AI. The system was built from the ground up to emphasize the benefits of implementing AI in your workflow, projects, and business. Forecast learns from experience across your organization to improve time estimations, labeling, etc. The Forecasted time estimates are used for scheduling and budgeting. It will thus give you a more accurate look at how your projects are performing, and if not well, show you where and help you get back on-track.

Learning from your data and others, the algorithms are continuously improved to assist you even better from day-to-day. To give you a concrete example, when doing time estimates in Forecast, you specify a high and a low estimate, you assign one or more team members to the task, you write a description, and define other descriptors such as labels. Analyzing this data in an instant, Forecast is able to provide you with a more accurate estimate of the time needed to complete the task. The AI is using some of all of this data, combined with previous data inputs from other tasks and projects, to make a more reliable estimate. This estimate is then applied across the system to present a more realistic view on your budgets and available resources.

The beauty of Forecast is really the simplicity, flexibility, and interconnectivity of the platform. Everything is linked together, simply because a change in your estimates naturally has a direct impact on your budgets, scope, timeline, and resources. Through the implementation of an open API and a wide array of native one-click integrations, Forecast is not only leveraging intelligence from within, but also by connecting with other tools you may already be using. Ultimately, Forecast will function as your hub for the interconnected one-truth on your business insights, projects, and resources.

Release Notes

Release Notes- our way of denoting breaking news. Always stay up-to-date with intriguing changes to the Forecast platform.

Maximize Efficiency, Profitability, and Perspective with a Connected Digital Invoicing Tool

Are you already using a digital accounting system? Perhaps Xero or QuickBooks? In this article we will go through some of the key advantages of having a digitally linked accounting system. A system that not only manages your finances, but a system that also connects with your other tools, e.g. your resource- and project management tool, to bring you the ultimate overview and perspective on your projects, resources, and business, and at the same time makes you able to bill your clients within minutes with information from your projects.

Best Practices of Invoicing: 12 Must-Haves

Invoicing is the final step between delivering the service or product and receiving the payment from your client. Ironically, this crucial step is often neglected from the strategy and thought that goes into analyzing and deploying the best possible communication strategy for your business.

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