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Streamlining Processes Company-Wide [Case Story]

A central hub for all the important information to advance and speed up Project Planning

As an agency working project-based and having so many people working on so many different projects, Jakt wants to avoid task confusion and miscommunications as much as possible. Cindy explains,

Managing Globally & Working Remotely [Case Story]

Monitoring the Project Progress and Budget on a task level, helps a remote team work more efficiently. Message Medium adhered to their work philosophy and had never had a physical office. They have clients from all over the world, with team members in various locations. 

Initiating Cross-Team Collaboration [Case Story]

Everyone is made aware of the health of the projects, and are open for cross-team collaboration.

Dominic describes the new implementation of displaying the dashboards and what value that has brought to their office. “When we started displaying the dashboards on the TV, people were really happy about it. What I have seen is that people want to add in information about how their project is going and they started talking about the progress of different projects even if they were not assigned to it.” For Nexus Innovations, displaying their project dashboards on the office TV’s have served to be really useful for them. It has generated more discussions in the team and between teams. 

Twice as Efficient with a Complete Tool [Case Story]

Finding a brilliant combination of managing projects with scheduling

Adeo Group searched for nearly a year to find the right project management tool to fit their work process. As they were exploring the options, Gordon, Director of Adeo Group, found that either SaaS companies were only offering project management or resource management, but the combination of the two was hard to come by. Their need for a project and resource management software stemmed from their need for a comprehensive overview. “We were experiencing a bottleneck because we didn’t know how many resources we had available for our projects,” says Gordon.

Integrated Platform for Transparency [Case Story]

Like.Digital turns to Forecast to have an integrated platform that opens transparency for the whole team. With Forecast, Like.Digital is able to validate business decisions by clearly showing the amount of resource needed for a project.

Eliminating the Manual Work [Case Story]

A typical day at Clarity Quest would consist of ultimately multitasking the several different tasks for their clients. When quoting new projects, the agency experienced a lot of time-consuming tasks. The project managers and executive would create the quoting in spreadsheets, but when and if they won the project they would have to add the tasks to another tool manually.

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Buffer Post

This post has been published.

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