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Smart Invoicing in Xero with Forecast

Jens Pallesen

Synchronize billable hours to Xero, and bill your clients in a matter of minutes.

Today, we're once again announcing a new integration. This time, it's a treat for the accounting and billing department. Now you can do invoicing easier than ever before. The new Xero integration seamlessly connects data between Xero and Forecast. Clients in Forecast are connected with clients in Xero. Reported hours and rates, based on the roles and rate cards of the project, are all imported directly into your invoice for easy billing. You can even add a discount directly on a billable card, and the right amount will automatically be subtracted on your invoice.

Get started with the Xero integration

forecast_xero-projectmenu-zoom.pngOnce activated, managers will see a new tab in the sidebar of your projects. The Xero tab. Here, you can view all information regarding the project in Xero, e.g. upcoming invoices and their status. You create a new invoice simply by clicking the Create Invoice button. All active invoices connected to the project will show up in the tab, and clicking an item will take you directly to the corresponding item in Xero. Easy and quick to manage.


Note: Updating the information in your Xero tab is a manual process, but we made it as simple as possible. Simply, click the Synchronize Existing Invoices button at the top of the window, and it will be up-to-date within a few seconds.



You can easily get started right away. And, as always, if you need any help along the way; we have a full-featured Help Center, incl. a guide to the Xero integration, and the live chat with our people ready to lend you a hand.

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