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Simpler Pricing Model in Forecast

Dennis Kayser
2 min read

Yes! We have simplified our pricing model to make billing and functionality in Forecast more transparent for our customers.

This means that pricing is now packaged into groups of users so it’s completely transparent and predictable what the bill will be each month.

As always, we still only charge for Project Managers. All other Forecast users, who we call Team Members, are completely free without any limitations.

Our packages start at only $99 per month for an entire team and go up to enterprise level, so there should be a suitable tier for all.

Why is the pricing changing?

We believe this new pricing is the best way to serve more of our customers. When we first launched Forecast, we were focused on delivering a great set of features catered to different customer segments. However we found out that both small and large organizations have many of the same functionality needs and are more interested in easy and transparent pricing. This is a change based directly on that feedback and why we now have the same functionality for all customers.

What's the difference between an Project Manager and Team Member?

  • A Project Manager is automatically defined by a role that has one or more of the following rights: Administrator access, ability to create new projects, ability to administer and upload time registration data.
  • A Team Member is any role other than a Project Manager.

You can set up your roles exactly like you want them and Team Members are FREE users.

How did you decide on the new price for Project Managers?

At, we're committed to making software affordable and providing our customers with the best experience. We reviewed the various pricing plans and features offered by our competitors, and feel that our new pricing is very competitive for the value that delivers.

Could I be paying more with this new pricing?

We have thoroughly reviewed the various scenarios for our customers, and no one will be incurring a higher price than what they currently pay.

Where can I calculate how much I will be paying with this new pricing?

You can calculate how much you will be paying for by going to our pricing page:

Alternately you’ll be able to see it in the administration module under billing.

As always, feel free to ask questions.


If you have any questions or want to see a demo of what Forecast has to offer; then book a personal 30 min. slot with our success team.

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