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Risk Register, Project Watchlist, Status Report and Speed Optimizations

We've had many requests for some updates to Forecast. So while we're still heavily building on Forecast V2, we've still managed to squeeze some new functionality into the current platform.

Risk register

The new project risk register enables you to note down and monitor any threats and opportunities that might affect your project. Using the register you can make sure that you take everything into account for your projects. You can even add monetary value to your risks to see how big their impact is.


You can enable the risk register for certain roles using the "Roles & access" in the administration interface.


Project watchlist

The watchlist enables you to easily monitor projects that are starting to slip behind. If you enable this, your daily/weekly digest will contain a list of "at risk" projects that are starting to slip and thus requires some attention. This should keep your days worry free and ensure that you don't miss if a project is falling behind.


You can enable the watchlist for certain roles using the "Roles & access" in the administration interface.


Status report

We have updated the project status report to show more useful information. This means that it'll give you a full snapshot of how the project is going. The report shows you a status on budget, last set project status, milestones, and risks.


Speed optimizations

To make Forecast faster to work with, we've done some speed optimizations in various places. For instance all closed tasks and stories are now collapsed by default when opening the boards. You can always fold them out again by clicking on it, but by reducing the number of items we have to draw the pages should be much faster to load.


All of these new features should already be live and feel free to ask questions or provide input so we can make Forecast even better yet!


If you want to see a demo of what Forecast has to offer you; then book a personal 30 min. slot with our success team.

Niels Frederiksen
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My name is Niels Frederiksen and I’m co-founder and lead developer in Forecast.
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