How will Manual Processes Transform to Automatic using AI

With every passing day, technology is adding a new chapter in the revolutionization of humanity. In this fast-paced world, technology has helped in performing tasks with higher efficiency and faster rate. In earlier days, when technology was not prominent, industries required huge labor to perform the tasks.

Bulk Cards & Files

Today, we're announcing a new widely requested feature. The ability to bulk update cards and files, e.g. bulk assign, move cards between columns in Workflow and milestones in Scoping, or update essential fields like deadlines and roles. This is possible today!

Integration with GitHub

New integration incoming! This time we're integrating with GitHub. You'll probably only care about this integration if you work with software development in one way or another, but basically it's the world's leading software development platform for version control using git. You might already have seen our previous post about our integration with GitLab as well. This is an important extension to our integrations catalog, and will make life easier for a lot of developer and management teams out there.

Why do you Work in Sprints?

Working in Sprints is part of the agile project management methodology. Basically, sprints is a way to organize your workload into smaller packages. In other words, instead of having a never-ending list of to-dos directly in your workflow, you have a backlog of tasks, and then the organized sprints with a defined sprint length.

Smart Invoicing in Xero with Forecast

Synchronize billable hours to Xero, and bill your clients in a matter of minutes.

Revamp of Time Page

Today, we're releasing a major update to our time page in Forecast. The new improved design should deliver a more intuitive user experience. Making it significantly easier to find the exact card you want to report time on, and giving you a better perspective on your time entries through the new week and month views.

GitLab Integration Updated with New Features

GitLab user too? We got a treat for you.

Project Management Methods for Software Development Teams

Managing all types of projects, incl. software development, can be handled in various ways. There are plenty of methods and theory out there to dig into, to hopefully find the best possible solution for your project. The best one is very much a matter of the nature of your project, as well as you and your team's subjective opinion and thoughts going into the workflow.

Announcing Cross Project Planning with Connected Projects

Today, we're launching a brand new feature. The ability to connect projects and organize them into groups. This will help you do cross project planning. In other words, managing interconnected projects and ensure everything is done in time, on scope and budget. Ultimately, it makes you able to plan and execute on larger releases with a better overview, because you can plan connected sprints directly from the project group, and manage the day-to-day progress in the group workflow.

Challenges of Creative Agencies - and How to Deal with Them

Creative agencies experience major and minor challenges just like any other type of business. Though some challenges are specific to creative agencies. Here, we’ll dig deeper and look into some of the main ones and how to avoid them.

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