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Our first Trade Show - Projekt:værktøjsdagen

Last Thursday, (Nov. 21st 2013) was the day of our first ever trade show. It went extremely well with lots of interest from potential customers and partners.

The trade show was all about the Project Manager’s tools, being it IT solutions, methodology or training. All in all the techniques that supports and optimizes day-to-day Project Management.


A fully packed event

The show consisted of expertise sharing, solutions demos, networking, customer cases, rollout of solutions and considerations before purchase. The show was completely sold out with more than 350 participants from all industries.

All throughout the day, was commended for having a unique approach, being great to look at and boasting an extremely user friendly interface.


A day well spent

Our conclusion, a successful day that we were happy to attend.

Read more about our contribution to the show here (in Danish):


Do you want to see a demo of what Forecast has to offer; then book a personal 30 min. slot with our success team.

Dennis Kayser
ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Dennis Kayser
My name is Dennis Kayser and I’m CEO and co-founder in Forecast. I enjoy helping our customers succeed by building great and innovative software that supports teams in their daily work.
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