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New Tutorials, Features, UI and UX in Forecast

Today we are announcing some large updates to the Forecast platform. For the last month we have been hard at work with a significant update to our entire UI and UX. Everything has been completely redesigned from the ground up and we're already getting great feedback on it. You can now also convert your estimates directly to work items, stories, tasks etc. We have a new left-hand menu for easier navigation, added profile images and progress bars to most things. The updates have gone live in the solution and can be used immediately. Read more about the details below.

UI and UX

Our graphic designer and user experience designer have both been hard at work restructuring and laying out Forecast so the interface is easier and much faster to work with. We hope that you like the results.

Convert estimates to execution items

It's now possible to convert estimates to execution items such as epics, stories, tasks etc. When generating them from the estimates the items will also automatically be linked so the built in intelligence can still do its work. This is a huge time saver in the work that needs to be done. Using this feature it's also possible to populate and live update generated user stories right into other systems such as JIRA.

Left-hand menu

The left-hand menu also enables much easier navigation and gives a visual cue to where you are in the app.

Profile images and progress-bars

In the new design we have added profile images and progress-bars to work items so it's super easy to get a quick overview of what the status on work items are and who's working on what.

New tutorial videos

We have added a whole slew of new tutorial videos so you can learn how to use much easier and faster than before.

You can view the constantly growing tutorial collection by using either of the two links below:

As always, we hope you like the new updates and feel free to write in the comments below or contact us should you have any comments or questions.


If you want to see a demo of what Forecast has to offer; then book a personal 30 min. slot with our success team.

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