New Sprint Planning, Story Board and Updated Design

Niels Frederiksen
1 min read

We're happy to announce some major changes to the Forecast platform that recently has gone live. Some of you might have noticed them already. :)

Redesign of Sprint Planning

We have completely redesigned the sprint planning module so that it's much more intuitive. As you can see in the screenshot below, it's perfect for use in sprint planning meetings. Drag & drop is easily done between the two columns and keeping track of total points and number of stories is just a glance away. Once stories have been added to a given sprint you can even re-prioritize them in the sprint to better fit current progress, team allocation etc. If you look at any given sprint it's also possible to easily keep track of what stories and sprints are complete as they're automatically crossed out as soon as they're completed. You can even add new stories to any sprint or the backlog without leaving the screen.

Sprint Backlog

More intuitive & new Sprint Board

We have made a substantial change to the Sprint board so that it's now possible to drag & drop tasks from one assignee to the other. Fear not though as we, of course, have kept our powerful customization options for creating as many sprints and workflows as you wish, intact. This makes it very easy to sprint effectively. We recently added more functionality to the Sprint page - Read about the added features here as well.

Updated graphics on all reports

We've also updated all graphics used throughout the diagrams and reports so they match the other parts of Forecast better. We hope you like the new look and feel.

Also a whole slew of other new tweaks and fixes are also included in this update.

As usual we really hope that you like the new features and by all means don't hesitate in letting us know if there's anything you'd like to see put into an upcoming release.

Happy scrumming :)


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