New Dashboard, Version Types, Import of Hours and More

Niels Frederiksen
2 min read

Announcing improvements to the Forecast experience.

New features in Forecast

For the last month we have been hard at work with creating a new dashboard, improved time import, version types and the Waterfall development model. The updates have gone live in the solution and can be used immediately. Read more about the details below.

Personal dashboard

The largest update in this release is the personal dashboard. This dashboard enables users to only see the projects and open tasks they are assigned to keep the clutter to a minimum. The dashboard also registers the last accessed modules so users quickly can get back to work where they left off last time. And finally users can easily get an overview of the hours they have reported as well as upcoming deadlines and milestones e.g. sprint close, task deadlines etc. With the new dashboard a user can do around 90% off all their work from ONE screen.

Improved import of hours

The time import functionality has also had some large updates meaning that once hours have been imported and mapped on a project, subsequent imports will flow automatically. No remapping necessary. This is a huge timesaver.

Version types and Project Manager overview

It is now possible for administrator users to get an overview of how many Project Managers that are currently registered in the system. This should make it completely clear how the billing works and what users are paid for. A Project Manager is defined by having access to creating new projects, administration and time import. 

Also version types for initial planning can now be updated and customized by administrators.

Waterfall model revamp

The Waterfall/traditional development model has also been completely updated with new features such as grouping and setting of deadlines for each task.

We hope you enjoy the new features. Our development roadmap has also been updated to reflect Q4 of 2014 so you can see what mainline features are upcoming.

One primary company name - Forecast

Our second update is that we have now officially removed EMP Group from our name. This is a slight change to how we have been operating already but removing EMP Group has the important effect that we can now concentrate on Forecast as our primary brand.

Together with the new name also comes a new logo, website and a massive UI update to the Forecast platform.


If you want to see a demo of what Forecast has to offer; then book a personal 30 min. slot with our success team. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

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