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Meet our Intern - Filip

Dennis Kayser
3 min read

Briefly describe yourself and where you're from, what you study etc.

My name is Filip. I’m an international student from Poland studying Computer Science at Zealand Institute of Business and Technology Campus Roskilde. Starting my 5th semester soon. During that semester I’m required to do my internship for an IT Company. I was given great opportunity to do my internship at as a developer and hope to learn as much as I can while I’m here while still being useful for the company.


If I had to describe my childhood with one word it would be “carefree”. As a child I didn't have to worry about anything. I would just stay playing all days with my brother and sister.

How do I wind down after work?

When I need to relax after work I usually just watch some movies, TV series. I really like new one produced by Universal called “Mr. Robot” so that is how I spend many afternoons recently. Listening to music also affects our mood and it can be a very good way to relax after all day of work.

If I was to tell one person “Thank You” for helping me become the person I am today, who would it be and why?

If I was to tell someone “thank you” for helping me to become who I am today that would have to be my parents. They always supported me and believed in me. Think it is very important to know that there is always someone you can count on when you start your adult life.

What movie or fictional character do I most identify with?

I think I could identify myself with Chandler Bing from “Friends” TV series. Partly because I may be a bit like him but also because I loved this character.

What's the thing I enjoy doing the most?

One of those things is definitely skiing. Wish I had more opportunities to enjoy it not just week or two during winter season. Recently I am also getting into LP records and slowly but systematically my collection is growing. Some of my favorites could be Beastie Boys “Paul’s Boutique” but I also got some of quite new records in LP version like Daft Punk “Random Access Memories” or Aphex Twin “Syro”.

If you really knew me, you'd know _____.

If you really knew me you would know sometimes I may take some time to open for new people but I try working on that.

If I were to start a company from scratch, what values would I build it on?

For me one of the most important values when starting my own company would be loyalty, partnership and basic trust. I think it is possible to achieve that if you work with right people you know you can count on. If everyone would know they can count on each other and they'd treat each other like partners it should bring company closer to success. To build company on these values it requires right people you already know very well and they may be difficult to find.

What's the number one thing I want to achieve in life?

To be honest I am still discovering what the most important thing is for me. Right now I want to focus on my future as software developer and get as much as I can from this internship. I try not to focus on long term plans and prefer to plan just closest future. Long term plans always change due to unpredictable events so I try to avoid them.

What characteristic do I most admire in others?

I always admired direct and confident people. I think one of the most important things if you want to success is to always go forward and believe in yourself. In my opinion it is pointless to look back and care about failures we made.

What superpower would I like to have?

Flying could be cool I guess but to be honest I never thought much about it.

What’s the most important lesson I’ve learned in the last year?

I think one of them is that hard work eventually pays of even if we can’t see results immediately. After two years of my higher education it is already possible to notice that people who work a bit day by day are way in front of people who don't treat their education seriously.

How do I act when I'm stressed out?

Usually I tend to hide it and try not to let it influence the way I behave. If I am stressed out or nervous longer time sport is a good way to deal with it.

Sports or other activities?

I like playing football in the summer, during winter skiing and snowboarding. Recently started to attend gym because of my new office lifestyle I feel like I need more movement after 8 hours of sitting in front of desk.

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