Managing Globally & Working Remotely

Kelley Reynolds
1 min read

Monitoring the Project Progress and Budget on a task level, helps a remote team work more efficiently. Message Medium adhered to their work philosophy and had never had a physical office. They have clients from all over the world, with team members in various locations. 

Over the years it has been challenging for Maisha to find a good project management software that would allow her to manage her team and clients remotely.

As a CEO, she wanted the process to be as straightforward as possible when it came to both time and task management.

“That was really critical for me and I wasn’t able to find any other software, and trust me I looked a lot, and asked many people for advice and Forecast was the only tool that did what we needed it to do both in terms of task management and to budget by task, at a time level. So we were thrilled when we found Forecast.”

What truly made a difference for Maisha was that Forecast enabled her to break down the budget on a task level.

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About Message Medium: Message Medium enables new brands to harness the power of the Internet through renowned training & classes, creation of professional, easy to maintain Web sites and implementation of Internet marketing campaigns for small businesses.

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