Integrated Platform for Transparency

Kelley Reynolds
1 min read

Like.Digital turns to Forecast to have an integrated platform that opens transparency for the whole team. With Forecast, Like.Digital is able to validate business decisions by clearly showing the amount of resource needed for a project.

Like.Digital works in both time and material projects and fixed price. Forecast allowed Like.Digital to calculate the amount of resource they have against particular projects and projected work, regardless of the billing method. Their internal and external processes improved as they could allocate resources appropriately to the respective clients and projects. Forecast enabled the team to schedule and 'forecast' projects to ensure timely and profitable delivery.

Read the full Case Story here: Like.Digital Case Story

About Like.Digital: Like.Digital delivers key, complex, creative digital projects for global brands, in luxury, fashion, entertainment, and hospitality. Their Shoreditch studio has facilitated over $100,000,000 of
e-commerce transactions. Everything they do is driven by customer growth: revenue, engagement and rich data.

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