Language Support and 6 User Requested Updates

Niels Frederiksen
2 min read

Announcing new supported languages, and new user requested features have been implemented.

Language support

As we have clients all over the world a much requested feature is to be able to use Forecast in your own language. This is now possible through your user settings. We're starting with English, Spanish, Danish and are looking to do even more languages.  You have the option to both influence and help with the translations. In exchange for translation we'll provide you with a free unlimited subscription to Forecast for 6 months. So if you want to contribute, please feel free to reach out to us.

Choose your own shortcuts

It's now possible to select which shortcuts you want on your project cards on the home screen. This means that you'll always have the same shortcuts on all the cards for easy access to the stuff you use the most.


Toggle the activities grid on home

It's now also possible to toggle the activities grid on the home screen in case you only want to see the project card overview. This gives some flexibility depending on your needs as a user.


Visual board on waterfall projects

A much requested feature is the visual board we've had on agile projects for a while to be usable on Waterfall projects. This is now possible and will make working on your tasks much more visual. The "old" task view is still there, so this just creates another option for you to view your data in a different way with more drag & drop.

Improved project roadmap

The project roadmap has been significantly improved. You're now able to select the projects you want shown in the roadmap and it defaults to showing you all current active projects that have a start and end date. Furthermore, you can click on each project to see high level details on progress, budget, milestones, teams etc.

Also, you can drag each project in total or by each end to shift, lengthen or shorten it. This will then impact all work in the project.

Simplified account administration

We have made the account administration much simpler to work with by moving the whole thing into individual pages. This gives a much better overview of all the possible settings.

Improved controls on scheduling

The slider we had before that toggled the scheduling resolution was not working very well, so we've now updated the entire set of controls to work exactly like you're used to in your google calendar.


All of these changes are now live for all Forecast accounts, and as always if you have any comments we love taking feedback from you all.


Do you want to see a demo of what Forecast has to offer; then book a personal 30 min. slot with our success team. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

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