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Initiating Cross-Team Collaboration [Case Story]

Everyone is made aware of the health of the projects, and are open for cross-team collaboration.

Dominic describes the new implementation of displaying the dashboards and what value that has brought to their office. “When we started displaying the dashboards on the TV, people were really happy about it. What I have seen is that people want to add in information about how their project is going and they started talking about the progress of different projects even if they were not assigned to it.” For Nexus Innovations, displaying their project dashboards on the office TV’s have served to be really useful for them. It has generated more discussions in the team and between teams. 

Read Full Case Story here: Nexus Innovations Case Story

About Nexus Innovations: Nexus Innovations offers custom software development services. Their specialties are web applications, micro sites, web services / APIs, and improving collaboration platforms (SharePoint, Office 365). It is important for them to keep the team together in a work environment tailored for productivity, creativity, teamwork and the diffusion of knowledge.

Kelley Reynolds
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