How Forecast Uses AI to Assist Your Projects

Kasper Nymand
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Project management has always been around, and is thus a very developed area with various tools, both traditional and digital, that all have their own pros and cons. Every project manager or product owner probably has his or her own opinion on how to best plan and execute projects. Some prefer the waterfall approach that keeps it all simple and down-to-earth – a natural evolution from the beginning to the end. Others prefer the agile approach that is often more collaborative in style, by having frequent meetings and updates on the development, and at the same time allowing for iterations during the execution phases to follow the evolving needs. Then of course we can always discuss which one is the best for which types of projects, and how to use these methodologies best possible.

Now, even though it is a very developed market, we, at Forecast, still felt a hole in the market, a need that wasn’t quite fulfilled yet. And, thanks to the evolution of the modern time technology – we’ve finally been able to actually deliver on this idea. The idea was, what if we used machine-learning to learn from your previous data, your previous projects, and all of your actions within the system. Then we collect all of this data, run it through an anonymizer to make it useful for all organizations in the data pool, but still keep your private data only available to you within your account.

This way, we’re able to help all organizations improve and execute better projects, without any leakage of personal data from your team members or business. Everything is kept private. So, you can get the benefits of the data pool without feeling insecure about the safety of your data.

Now, what exactly do we keep and how do we use AI to assist you in your projects? Well, the simple answer is – we use everything that might be useful to improve your personal algorithm. For instance, your manually entered task estimates compared with the actual time reported on the task until it hits the done stage. We know who was involved, and if a specific person always estimates higher or lower than the actual time spent. The algorithm learns from this and adjusts for the future. Which labels are assigned to this particular task, e.g. how long does an app update with the label “javascript” or “React” normally take? The algorithm keeps learning from this every single day, and can thus provide you with better insights on all of the projects in your portfolio on a continuous basis.

Finally, the intelligent scheduling gives you a timeline / Gantt chart, or the overview of your team’s workload and availability. You can easily see if anybody has been over allocated and quickly take action to avoid tiring out your team or the risk of your project going over time. Do you suddenly need an extra person, or a few, for an existing or new task? Scheduling has you covered as well. Simply use the booking functionality to get a list of all the available team members with your needed roles and skills, who’s available within your specified timeframe. Select who you need, and Forecast takes care of the rest.

What about the budget, you might think? Well, based on your data across the system, and the rate cards assigned to each role and team member – Forecast has automatically generated a real-time budget for each project. Show this to your client before, during or after the project, or keep it internally based on your processes.

The beauty of Forecast is really the simplicity and flexibility. You can use whatever method you might like best and which fits your projects, while at the same time having Forecast on your team, always behind you to back you up, keep everything organized and help you execute projects on time, within scope, and on budget.

If you feel tempted to try us out, we have a free 14-days trial, and you can always upgrade or downgrade as you like. We look forward to assisting you in delivering more predictable and successful projects in the future. Also, if you want to see a demo of what Forecast has to offer, then book a personal 30 min. slot with our success team.


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