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Get Forecast Updates in Your Slack Channels

Are you using Slack for your internal communication? Why not connect it directly with your project management solution too? With the Forecast and Slack integration, you can do exactly that.

The native integration with Slack lets you receive notifications from your Forecast projects directly within a Slack channel. You simply connect each project with a channel in your Slack Workspace, and shortly afterwards you'll begin receiving updates whenever changes are made to the project.


There are various use-cases for this integration. Maybe you're a Project Owner who'd like to receive a message whenever tasks are moved from In-progress to Done. Maybe you're a Content Editor or Translator who'd like notifications whenever tasks are moved from In-progress to Review. Or, maybe you're working with an internal- or external client on a comprehensive project, and wants to bring key stakeholders into a Slack channel together to communicate and keep everybody up to the minute with the newest developments.

These are just a few examples of how the integration can benefit your daily workflow, and keep the right people in the know when changes are made or problems arise.

Want to learn more about this integration?
Find out more about how this integration can benefit you and your project work. Get started now with using Slack and Forecast.

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Kasper Nymand
ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Kasper Nymand
Hello! I'm Kasper, and I'm doing Marketing at Forecast. Apart from that, I enjoy experimenting with various projects to see where my imagination brings me.
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