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Filtering, Counts, ARIA, Resource Planning and More Updates in Forecast

We’ve recently released a number of enhancements to the Forecast platform. Below are some of the main things that have been implemented.

ARIA support and headings

We strive to support people with disabilities and therefore we’ve started to implement ARIA support and will continue to do so. This is also why we’ve added correct headings in our entire markup. ARIA is a standard from the WAI (Web Accessibility Institute). We aim for Forecast to be a fully accessible technology which fulfills the Section 508 requirements of U.S. government law and similar international standards.

User specific work hours and holidays

It’s now possible to set the specific working hours for a user so that part time workers can be resource allocated accurately. This means that all users now can use the default settings or override them with the number of hours they actually work. This is super useful both for all your part time employees but also the busy bees that work more than the allotted hours every week. Furthermore, a user can now also easily register their absence and holidays in their user settings which makes it much easier to plan for everyone. As always, an administrator has the full access to override these settings.

Work Breakdown Structure project templates

To avoid re-entering the same information many times we have now made it possible for project templates to have a predefined Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). This means that when a new project is created the settings from the template will be used, so you don’t have to type in the same information from project to project. This is very useful if you for instance always have a standard WBS for a Statement of Work (SoW) or similar that the user can then modify instead of starting from scratch.

Filtering in all agile boards

It’s now possible to filter in all agile boards. Filtering options are story type, people, teams, tags, free text and more. This should make it very quick to find exactly the things you need. Also the filter saves automatically so if you leave the screen and come back it'll have remembered your settings from last time.

Item counts in agile boards

Many customers have asked us for counts in the boards, so that has now been implemented. Counts always show the total count no matter the filter. Counting will also work in customized workflows, so no matter how many steps you have in your process it will work.

Visual details in agile headings

To get a better overview of what sprint, how many days remaining etc. we have now updated screens so they easily show this information. This should make it more visual to figure out exactly what you’re looking at in any given screen.

Updates to the menu

Our left-hand menu has also gotten some updates to give the user more working space as well as we have changed some of the naming and styling to be easier to use.

Milestones in sprints for agile projects

We’ve added the option of assigning sprints to individual milestones. This can be used for release planning and to get a better overview of when things are planned to be completed. All without compromising agility.

Story progress overview insight

A new insight showing the progress of all stories enables tracking the status of all stories and sprints. This gives a quick but complete overview of the total work in the project.


As always feel free to ask questions or comment. Also, if you want to see a demo of what Forecast has to offer you; then book a personal 30 min. slot with our success team.

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