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Enhancing the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Application Development

A great blog post by McKinsey & Company that explains some thinking on why companies should adopt reliable output metrics that integrate with the process for gathering application requirements.

In short they explain how Use Cases (UC) and the Use Case Points (UCP) metric can be an important factor for measuring organization and team productivity.

we believe the journey is well worth the effort.

The article explains how an why productivity metrics are important and it underpins all of the things we explain to our customers when engaging them. Project cost overruns can be substantial and thus it's important to mitigate as much as possible.

application-development projects tend to suffer the inefficiencies of shifting priorities, last-minute change requests, and dissatisfied business users. In our experience, these changes often amount to cost overruns of 30 to 100 percent.

Furthermore, they also make the case for how this can be implemented, both for agile and waterfall development projects.

UCPs can be calculated early in a project’s life cycle and then refined as more requirements are specified and more of the design work is completed. As a result, they are useful for project planning, in-flight performance management, and retrospective performance evaluation.

The authors go on stating that iterating over the requirements and estimates, will in the end, result in more than adequate material to reliably determine productivity.

UCPs accurately measure software functionality to within 10 to 15 percent. Consequently, the accuracy of UCPs is more than sufficient to help determine the productivity of teams.

Their conclusion;

the rewards are well worth the effort in a world where application development is an important key to success for almost any large enterprise.

So why not let us show you how we can help you gain more insight by tracking and measuring the right KPI's.


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