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Eliminating the Manual Work [Case Story]

A typical day at Clarity Quest would consist of ultimately multitasking the several different tasks for their clients. When quoting new projects, the agency experienced a lot of time-consuming tasks. The project managers and executive would create the quoting in spreadsheets, but when and if they won the project they would have to add the tasks to another tool manually.

Needless to say, that manual work was slowing down their productivity and efficiency. Christine, CEO of Clarity Quest explained how that process could take managers up to two days out of their busy schedule to manually add the task. Therefore, she started looking for another tool that would fit the agency’s need for a more sophisticated process.

Clarity Quest found that Forecast stood out from the other tools as the platform “...had just what we needed and it wasn’t overly complex,” says Christine. She chose Forecast because it was easy for her team to use, and it gave them new business possibilities for which they were searching. Coming from Basecamp, they found it straightforward to export all of their projects and import them into Forecast during the winter holiday. After only 2-3 weeks the whole team was up and running.


The new way of working - Twice as efficient

Now Clarity Quest facilitates all their work in Forecast from quoting, planning, to running every project. Clarity Quest cut their project quoting by 50%, and it’s no longer a time-consuming process for their agency.

" Forecast is not just a timekeeping system or project keeping system it has a business intelligence angle” - Clarity Quest

Read Full Case Story here: Clarity Quest Case Story

About Clarity Quest: Clarity Quest Marketing provides a full range of marketing services to healthcare and technology companies including internet marketing, marketing strategy & budgeting, advertising, graphic design, event management and public relations. Industry verticals served include medical devices, healthcare technology, enterprise software, hardware, and technical professional services.

Kelley Reynolds
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