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Do the Majority of your Work From our New Home Screen

Danny Larsen
3 min read

Redesigned home screen gives you a totally new Forecast experience.

Completely redesigned home screen = new experience

We have completely redone the home screen to make it very easy to work with. Now your users can easily see all assigned projects, task, stories and other activities. Users can even start working on them directly from a single place. If users click on a project card only the activities for that specific project is shown. This gives the option of seeing only select tasks for a single project or all tasks for all projects.

Work faster by starring your favorite projects to home

favorite projects

On the home screen a user can now star favorite projects so they’ll be shown first in the list. A very useful feature if you’re mainly working on a few projects. Also each project saves the last places you visited making it super easy to navigate back to where you left off.

Find your projects easily by giving them some color

It’s now possible to give each project a color to easily differentiate them from each other. Project colors are reflected both on the home screen and in resource planning, so it gives a clear visual cue of who’s working on what project. No more having to read the text of every allocation. When creating a new project it’s automatically assigned a color that you can overwrite if you’d rather it be something else.

Fast time registration using the keyboard only

Using our our new calendar makes it’s possible get a glance of important dates up to 2 months ahead. This makes it easy to see deadlines, milestones and where you, as a user, have registered time. Also it’s possible to register time from the home screen using the keyboard only.

Full screen calendar = great overview

We also have added the option of a full screen calendar that makes it easy to see more details for single days. Using the calendar you can see exactly how many hours you’ve registered, deadlines and milestones for any given month in a single view. Also by clicking on a single day you can easily register your hours.


Full screen calendar

Apart from the new home screen we also have a few other additions.

Tasks now editable directly from a story

A much requested feature, which is the ability to see and create tasks directly from a story is now implemented. It makes it possible to see and edit all tasks as well as create new ones without leaving the relevant story.

Use the keyboard to access important fields on stories and tasks

To make Forecast much faster to work with it’s now possible to use the keyboard to find and select values instead of using the mouse. This makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for in any given field, especially fields with many options. This is now implemented on both tasks and stories.

Better resource overview thanks to project colors

resource planning

Project colors

Thanks to the colors in the home screen it’s now much easier to get the full overview in resource planning as project colors follow through. This means that instead of reading the titles, you can just glance at the project color and instantly know who’s allocated to what.


If you want to see a demo of what Forecast has to offer; then book a personal 30 min. slot with our success team.

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