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Weekly or daily email digest

It's now possible to receive a weekly or daily digest of all relevant project information straight to your inbox. For a Project Manager the email contains an overall status of ongoing projects as well as all current work, who's working on what etc. If you're a team member the email will give you a quick status on all relevant information related to your own work. This makes it super simple to get a quick overall focus on what things that are important or slipping behind. If there's a a project or work item you want to take a quick look at, just click the title in the email and you'll go directly to that item.

Example of weekly email digest

You can easily set your preference for receiving these emails in your user settings.

Email digest settings

Milestones can now be created from all relevant places

As milestones can be used extensively in many parts of, we've now added the option of using it everywhere they can be relevant. This means in all planning modules as well as when running a waterfall project.

Easy to create and change milestones

Choose your own company login domain

If you want some more access control on logging into, it's now possible to choose your own company login domain. This means that you can create your own custom URL to login from e.g. Create your custom login domain from the administration panel.

Create your own custom login domain

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