Agile task planning and milestones made super simple


We have just launched a new task planning module in that makes it super simple to ensure that everybody on the team have the right amount of tasks to work on. Also we have improved upon the milestones so now it’s very easy to group estimates and tasks into the correct milestones for your project. Finally, the updated timeline report enables you to easily view and plan projects at the portfolio level.

Task Planning

The new task planning module easily lets you plan and track which things team members are working on and if they have too much (or too little) work on their plate to complete in time. Efficiently plan iterations on teams and see how changes to the scope, schedule, and team affect your plans. See a tutorial on task planning below.



Milestones are now an integral part of, this means that milestones are shown in the majority of modules so planning can be done easily. It’s possible to place tasks and groups of tasks into milestones and track progress towards milestones as the project is executing. Milestones are now also part of a version so that different versions can have different milestones.

Project roadmap report

Interactive roadmap report

The project roadmap report has gone through an overhaul and now let’s you zoom in and out on the data so you can see projects in days, weeks or months. Also, you can re-plan projects, shorten or lengthen them just by dragging & dropping. So now it’s simpler than ever to plan your projects at portfolio level.

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Danny Larsen

My name is Danny Larsen and I’m co-founder and CTO in Forecast. After graduating university with a degree in Computer Science, I helped start Forecast and we're changing the way projects are managed!

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