6 Tips to work more efficiently with Kanban Boards - the new design of Workflow

Kelley Reynolds
3 min read

Collaborate in teams? Do you like tasks prioritized? Work in Agile?  Forget about micromanagement, we've got you covered, and it can all be done from one view - Workflow. 

We're continuing the rollout of our new and improved UI (user interface) design. We're working from the same technology to enhance our features - so without further ado introducing the new Workflow. 

If you didn't check it out yet, we have a new improved design, feel, and functionality of the new Scheduling and Timeline. Here are 6 features for Kanban that will make your work process way more efficient than before. Let's dive in.

1.  Show and Hide Task Details 

See what you want to see for optimal collaboration. Team members can work together easier, with the new Show and Hide function. Get the information you need so you can focus on collaborating with your team members. Show and hiding task details also mean that your work process can be more customized as you only see the information that is necessary for completing the task at hand.

show and hide screenshot with browser-1

2. Stay organized with Task Prioritization 

Let your team know what they need to work on with prioritized tasks. As a project manager, it's crucial to give your team a task overview they need to complete their work on time. Work in Agile? Add and create custom columns and select column statuses to streamline your work process and prioritize tasks. Your Kanban boards can be an organized oasis for all your team members.    

3. Save time with Bulk Edits

As the project progresses sometimes tasks start to stack up. Let's say you work in sprints and you're not able to finish all the tasks on time. With Bulk editing, you can quickly add the tasks to a new sprint or assign them to a different team member who has more time. Bulk edits are a fancy way to save time with working in a Kanban board.  

bulk edits workflow with browser

4. Have a visual display of Task Progress 

See progress for each task for a complete visual overview on a granular level! Instead of just tracking task progress based on columns, this granularity gives you the real-time data you need on each task. As you enter time on the task, you can immediately see the completion bar fill up. 

5. Filter 

Filter, filter, filter! Filtering cannot be used enough. The best way to expedite your work process is to filter down your view. Only working on certain tasks? Filter your board to see only your assigned tasks. Track bugs? We have a filter for that too. Are you working on a specific Milestone? Same as above; filtering makes your working process so much more efficient without having to look at irrelevant information.

filter by team member workflow with browser

6. Dependencies 

Ever confused on the order at which you are to complete your tasks? Dependencies can change that drab work process into that much needed efficient work process. Dependencies make it able to link and create relationships between tasks. You might have a task, which is dependent on a previous task's completion, and thus the task has a "finish-to-start" relationship. Now you and team members won't be confused the dependency relationship will be finished in the correct order. 

Dependencies workflow with browser

A  fresh look for your Workflow

Easily streamline your team's work process. Whether you work Agile or Waterfall, using Kanban boards is an efficient way to work and see all your tasks in one place. Now you're 6 tips faster in executing your work. 

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