5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Services Automation Tool

Dennis Kayser
2 min read

Professional Services Automation (PSA) software is basically a system that makes sure to keep everything safe - in one place. It connects and integrates with all of your tools, and does intelligent calculations to improve the overview and perspective for you. Read more

Down below, we will expand a bit on the topic, and give you 5 reasons why you should use a PSA tool.

Run projects as a Profit & Loss
First of all, a PSA tool gathers all of your data, and is thus able to calculate and provide you with real numbers based on your current situation. This should help you know exactly what’s going on in your projects and organization overall. Finances, budgets, utilization levels, progress, profitability, and so forth.

Improve productivity
Since everything is available in one place, it allows for more swift and intelligent operations. Your team and executives only have one place to go to; to find exactly the information and insights they need. This is especially paramount, in the case that you want to compete on price, since swift operations combined with a stable and high level of quality is the only method fully in your influence.

One real-time truth
Again, the PSA software has gathered all of your data from across services, and should thus be able to make proper calculations and suggestions based on this data about your projects and organization. It gives you a better platform to gain insights into your projects, and make better decisions based on the overview and perspective it provides you.

Track utilization, progress and profitability
By having all of your projects, time registrations, budgets and finances in a single solution; you can easily track some of the most important KPIs for your business. These of course include; people utilization and workload, project and task progress, and overall profitability of your portfolio. This makes you able to do better scheduling, predictions, and overall management of your projects. Easily see which projects and clients that contribute most to the profitability of your portfolio, and thereby give you a better foundation for making the right decisions.

Collaborate quickly and easily across teams
A proper PSA tool combines all departments, and is thus an effective and natural destination for communication, organizing and collaboration across the team on a project level or a full organizational level. Easily move tasks between projects, assign people, upload assets as files, comment and get the right eyes on the matter. It’s quick and easy, and done within one simple system.

If you need more reasons, and / or maybe a personal meeting with our success team; then you can book a meeting right here. We’re looking forward to talking with you!

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